Careers I’d Love To Have But Probably Never Will

Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to go into so many career paths. I would change my mind incredibly often. Not because I lost interest in the previous career option, but because there are so, so many to choose from and I could never decide which one I wanted more. If I could have a job in all of these departments I would.

Anyways, because of this, I thought I would make a post listing some of the many careers I would love to have but probably never will!

Film / Tv Producer
When I was in high school I took film classes for two years. During these classes I learnt a lot about film and the behind the scenes work of many popular movies and tv shows. As soon as I started the class I fell in love with the idea of helping behind the camera.

Because of these classes, I’ve never looked at films or tv shows the same. I find this to be an incredibly insightful thing as it helps to realise that films aren’t the same as reality.

Sometimes when I’m writing a scene in one of my stories I tend to imagine or plot out how I would film this scene if it were a tv show or a movie. Sometimes it gets annoying because novels and films and formatted very differently. But other times it helps me to finish writing a scene.

Criminal Profiler
Y’know, like in Criminal Minds?  

I’ve always had a fascination with psychology and ever since I started watching Criminal Minds it always intrigued me how figuring out the mindset of someone can lead to knowing their next move. Yes, I know it’s a tv show but profiling is still a career that a fair few people have. Not necessarily in Australia, which sucks, but it’s still a valuable job.

However, I don’t think I’d be very good at it. Personally, I’d never feel confident enough to be able to do such a job. But in another life I’ve love too.

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This career relates to the above career because being a criminal profiler is all about psychological tendencies and creating psychological profiles. And like I said for that, psychology fascinates me, more than I realized actually. I love the idea behind knowing the inner workings of someones mind and also being able to help someone overcome their fears, issues or problems because of it.

Kindergarten Teacher // Preschool Teacher
I absolutely love children. Talking to them, watching them communicate with each other and learn about the world. I would absolutely love to teach children when they first start school (or even preschool), however, I don’t like school, nor do I like any schooling systems. So I’d probably end up having many problems with being a kindergarten teacher.

Landscape Architect
Designing is something that I love very, very much. And to be honest, I’ve always thought about the many different career options that come with design, however, I’m really not good at any type of art. And art plays a huge part in almost every design related career so that already puts me off going for a landscaping job.

So those are some careers I’d love to have but probably won’t. Is there a career you would love to have but probably never will?


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