Taking A Break.

Hello! I know this post doesn't exactly look similar to my other blog posts and there's a reason for that, obviously. There's a lot of stuff currently going on in my life; including personal, work and social things and I honestly cannot handle running multiple blogs at this current moment in time. It's not helping … Continue reading Taking A Break.


France Bucket List

Last month my Australian Bucket List went up. In that post I listed everything I wanted to do that was specific to Australia (like seeing monuments and landmarks) but also some other things that I could do anywhere but would like to do in Australia (like learning to surf and scuba diving). I've wanted to … Continue reading France Bucket List

A-Z List Of Disney (& Disney Pixar) Movie Recommendations

Same as the other posts, but Disney. This is an a-z list of Disney (and Disney Pixar) movies! For more information on how these lists work check out my other A-Z List Recommendations for more information! Note: “a” and “the” are excluded from these titles! # - 101 Dalmatians (1961) When a litter of dalmatian puppies … Continue reading A-Z List Of Disney (& Disney Pixar) Movie Recommendations